Professor Scott Hazelhurst

Contributor: Professor Scott Hazelhurst


Scott Hazelhurst completed his BScHons and MSc degrees at Wits, and his PhD at the University of British Columbia. Currently he is Acting Director of Bioinformatics at the University of the Witwatersrand, as well as being an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Research interests

Responsible for the Computational Molecular Biology Research Programme, which has a strong algorithm and data structure design focus. At the moment the main focus is exploring problems which are very expensive, particularly taking into account large data sets. Key projects are:

  • EST clustering: looking at the design of a key algorithm in genome or DNA sequence assembly. The work has strong theoretical and engineering components. Our group also works with biologists who are using EST clustering as part of their work.
  • Parallelisation of algorithms using Linux clusters.
  • Applications of machine learning and intelligent agents,
  • Grid computing, and open source software development.

Contact information

Prof Scott Hazelhurst, Tel: +27 11 717 6181