Representative on SAAMS



Prof Ian Dubery

The (Metabolomics) community have unanimously nominated Prof Ian Dubery from the Department of Biochemistry as the South African Association for Mass Spectrometry (SAAMS) Metabolomics  representative.

The South African Association for Mass Spectrometry (SAAMS) is the mass spectrometry subdivision of the South African Chemical Institute. As a non-profit organization its functions are to coordinate mass spectrometry in Southern Africa and to create and maintain an official body for the mass spectrometry technique interest and application group. SAAMS mediates the presentation of research and development in mass spectrometry. New developments and new instrumentation in mass spectrometry are introduced to the group and users and instrument suppliers are brought together.

The SAAMS target group is wide, from students, novel and inexperienced mass spectrometrists to experienced academics and industry based scientists.

Story by: UJ Science News, 2014