GMASSURE Launch and Awareness Raising Symposium

The GMASSURE Launch and Awareness Raising Symposium was held on the 2nd and 3rd July 2014 in Centurion (Gauteng, South Africa). Presentations from the event can be accessed below.

Presentations Day 1:

  1. Welcome, Overview and Introduction to GMASSURE Activities_ Dr John Becker
  2. Importance of Biosafety Regulation and Risk Analysis_ Dr Alex Owusu-Biney
  3. A regulator’s perspective of GM biosafety- why, what and who_ Mr Ben Durham
  4. Crop biosafety in South Africa- problems, solutions, level of awareness and the role of Biosafety SA_Dr Hennie Groenewald
  5. Agricultural Biotechnology in the Bioeconomy – the importance of GM crops in Southern Africa_Dr Manshree Jugmoham-Naidu
  6. Experiences in sub-Saharan Africa with GM crop risk communication_Dr Dennis Ndolo Obonyo

Presentations Day 2: