The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-time PCR Facility


The QuantStudioTM 12K Flex system is a comprehensive real-time PCR-based platform for conducting large-scale genotyping and gene expression studies. The QuantStudioTM system at the University of Pretoria facility includes two interchangeable blocks that can accommodate 384-well and OpenArray® plates. The OpenArray® system is combined with pre-designed or custom TaqMan® Assays to generate more than 12,000 data points per run.

Applications on the QuantStudioTM include:

  • Large-scale gene expression analysis
  • SNP genotyping
  • microRNA analysis
  • digital PCR

Funding for the instrument was obtained from the NRF Equipment Platform (NEP) Grant. The platform supports genotyping and functional genomics projects on a national level. Therefore, use of the instrument is available to researchers throughout South Africa.

Services and pricing information:

For more information on the QuantStudioTM 12K Flex Real-time PCR facility, visit the Forest Molecular Genetics Facilities page or download this brochure. For any queries or technical support please contact Jane Bredenkamp () or follow the link to the Life Technologies website.


The QuantStudioTM 12K Flex Real-time PCR instrument can be found in room 6-28 in the Natural and Agricultural Sciences Building at the University of Pretoria.

Contact information:

Ms Jane Bredenkamp
Tel: +27 12 420 4329
Dr Sanushka Naidoo
Tel: +27 12 420 4974


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