Illumina BeadXpress® SNP Genotyping Platform

The Illumina BeadXpress® SNP genotyping facility is situated in the Agricultural Sciences building, at the University of Pretoria. This facility provides a research service for academic and commercial researchers in South Africa. The Illumina BeadXpress® system (Link to Illumina website:  ) is a platform for medium-throughput SNP genotyping using VeraCode® GoldenGate genotyping technology. Custom designed multiplex kits incorporating 48, 96, 144, 192 or 384 SNPs are designed through Illumina, consisting of 480 reactions. DNA samples are prepared by the user and all laboratory work and preliminary data analysis for quality control purposes is performed by trained technicians at the facility. Raw data is then provided to the user for analysis using the Illumina GenomeStudio® software.

Contact information:

Melissa Reynolds () / 012-420 6874

Prof Zander Myburg () / 012-420 4945

For information regarding SNP design and kit orders, please contact Shirley Ferris () at Whitehead Scientific. All bookings should be made before ordering the kit from Illumina.

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