DNA Marker Analysis Facility

High-throughput DNA Fingerprinting and Genotyping Research Service

The DNA Marker Analysis Facility is based in the Forest Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the University of Pretoria, and is supported by a team of technicians and geneticists. The facility offers high-throughput plant DNA isolation, fingerprinting and  genotyping research services focused on commercially grown tree species and occasionally other plant species on request.

The following research capacity is available:

  • DNA isolation from a range of plant tissues including leaves, pine needles, xylem scrapings, wood and bark or cambium cores.
  • Microsatellite DNA fingerprinting for most Eucalyptus   Pinus species grown in South Africa, using 10-20 microsatellite markers
  • Individual identification, clonal verification and parentage analysis for both Eucalyptus and pine species.
  • Species discrimination for  Eucalyptus (still under development)


Contact information:

Melissa Reynolds () / 012-420 6874

Prof Zander Myburg () / 012-420 4945

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