Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Facility

The ACGT Bioinformatics Facility, formally known as the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit, was established in 2003. The unit is situated in the FABI Square Building on the University of Pretoria Main campus. The unit is involved in under-graduate training, post-graduate training, research, support and services.

Staff Members

Prof Fourie Joubert (Associate Professor)
Dr Oleg Reva (Senior Lecturer)
Mr Oliver Bezuidt (Temporary Techmical Assistant)

Undergraduate Training

The unit currently offers two courses on 3rd-year level, being BIF 310 and BIF 320. These courses are part of the curriculum for the BSc IT (Bioinformatics) degree, and are electives for students in the School of Biological Sciences.

Post-graduate Training

The unit offers BSc Hons, MSc and PhD degrees in Bioinformatics. The BSc Hons degree consists of coursework together with a small research project. The MSc and PhD degrees are research-based. All degrees are offered only on a full-time basis.


Research programmes include:

Malaria drug target selection.
Bacterial genomics, genome linguistics and metagenomics.
High-throughput sequencing related to genomics and transcriptomics.

Support and Services

The unit provides support and services to the University and scientific community on an ad hoc and a collaborative basis.


The Unit houses a large collection of computational infrastructure, including:

A 25x PC training laboratory
A 64x node Linux cluster
A 24x processor Linux Dell server with 256GB of RAM
Various 8x processor servers
Around 20 TB of storage space
A Robot backup system
Gigabit ethernet and DDR Infiniband networks

Contact information

Dr Fourie Joubert, Tel: +27 12 420 5828, Fax: +27 12 420 5800

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