Plant Metabolomics Facility

The Department has access to a Waters UPLC Synapt high definition ion mobility TOF MS (shared with CSIR) and a Bruker 400 MHz NMR spectrometer and have acquired the following instrumentation in collaboration with Shimadzu:

(i) Shimadzu Nexera UPLC ultra-fast LC  connected to a Shimadzu 8030 LC/MS/MS

(ii) Shimadzu LC-IT-TOF-MS

(iii) Shimadzu AXIMA MALDI TOF MS.

(iv) Shimadzu 2010 Ultra GC-MS fitted with a Shimadzu AOC 5000 to fully automate the derivatisation steps.

Services and pricing

Please contact facility for more information.

Contact information

Name of contact person:  Prof. Ian Dubery

Email address:

Tele: 011-559-2401

Fax: 011-559-2605

Location: University of Johannesburg, Department of Biochemistry, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.


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