Biomarker discovery/Validation and biomolecule analysis

The biomarker discovery/validation and biomolecule analysis facility characterises and quantifies specific compounds through a broad range of analytical services.


Ettan IPGphor I/II IEF (GE Amersham)
Rotofor Cell (Bio-Rad)
Dalt II Separation Unit (GE Amersham)
Protean Plus DodecaCell (Bio-Rad)
Ettan SE600 Ruby gel electrophoresis system with auto gel stainer
Ettan DALTtwelve, running 12 large format gels in parallel

PharosFX (Bio-Rad)
EXQuest automated spotcutter (Bio-Rad)
PDQuest (Bio-Rad)
Image Master 2D scanner and software

1100 nanoHPLC (Agilent Technologies)

Mass spectrometry
MAPII AutoPrep MALDI Robot system (Bruker Daltonics)
Bruker autoflex® Daltonics MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer with post-source decay
QStar Elite (ESI/MALDI) (Applied Biosystems)
Qtrap (ESI) (Applied Biosystems)

Biocore 3000 (GE Amersham)


Proteomics services are available to internal and external customers. The following services are available:

Biomarker & Drug-target discovery and validation

Gel-based proteomics

Solution-based (gel-free) proteomics

  • Off-line and on-line fractionation:
  • MRM-based During ‘validation’, putative targets are confirmed by a targeted approach where fewer analytes are monitored in a larger sample size. The main aim of this stage is to assess marker sensitivity (likelihood that an affected/diseased sample will test positive). In ‘verification’ the analysis is further extended with 100s of samples analysed in order to examine variations due to environmental, genetic and/or biological factors. Thus, candidate biomarker sensitivity is affirmed while specificity (likelihood that an unaffected/healthy sample will test negative) is gauged.”
  • Mass spectrometry (iTRAQTM, peptide identification, peptide sequence identification, glycan analysis, posttranslational modification analysis)
  • Protein characterisation (protein-protein / ligand interaction)

Microarrays (cDNA oligo)

  •     Sample preparation and hybridisation
  •     Conventional and high-resolution scanning*
  •     Expression analysis
  •     Quantitative Real-Time PCR

Contact information
Dr Stoyan Stoychev

Molecular Technologies

Tel: +27 12 841 2270/3001

Fax: +27 12 841 2388


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