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Metabolomics Workshop: From Study Design to Metabolite Annotation

7th Mar 2016 @ 12:00 am - 24th Jun 2016 @ 12:00 am

07 March – 11 March 2016

Metabolomics Workshop: From Study Design to Metabolite Annotation
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Metabolomics is now used routinely in a number of applications, including basic and clinical research, microbiology, agriculture, food science, pharmaceutical research, nutrition, environmental science and the development of biofuels. The African Centre for Gene Technologies (ACGT) with kind funding from The Bioinformatics Service Platform(BSP) will host an exciting 5-day Metabolomics workshop using current open-source tools. The workshop aims to provide a platform for discussion of the key questions and challenges in the field of metabolomics, from study design to metabolite identification. The workshop has been designed to include lectures, computer-based tutorial sessions, participant presentations and interactive round table discussion. Confirmed speakers for workshop include:
•Dr. Reza Salek (University of Cambridge)
•Dr. Karl Burgess (University of Glasgow)
•Dr. Ron Wehren (Wageningen University)
•Prof Ian Dubery (University of Johannesburg)
•Dr. Edwin Madala (University of Johannesburg)
•Mr. Fidele Tugizimana (University of Johannesburg)
•Prof Alvaro Viljoen (Tshwane University of Technology)

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06 April – 09 April 2016

Multiple Functions of piRNAs and PIWI Proteins
Montpellier, France

The piRNA pathway, an RNA-silencing pathway involving small non-coding RNAs and the PIWI proteins -specific Argonaute proteins- has been discovered a few years ago as a defense mechanism against transposable elements. The field is progressing rapidly and a growing number of studies have implicated piRNAs and PIWI proteins in a broad range of functions, including gene and epigenetic regulation, genome rearrangements and stem cell biology. The questions linked to piRNA functions are thus widely expanding. This EMBO Workshop aims to provide a forum to discuss and connect the most recent advances in the different functions of piRNAs and PIWI proteins.

We will address piRNA biogenesis and the role of piRNAs/PIWI proteins in genome defense; epigenetic regulation; stem cell biology; post-transcriptional gene regulation; somatic tissues and cancer; and genome rearrangements.

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22 June 2016 – 24 June 2016

New Model Systems for Early Land Plant Evolution
Vienna, Austria

Little is known about how early land plants conquered land and the origins of the major features of flowering plants.

Publication of the genome of the filamentous alga Klebsormidium in 2014 and the forecasted publication of the genome of one of the earliest land plants – Marchantia – in 2016 promise tools to understand the major events that enabled the transition from a blue (the reign of algae) to a green (the reign of land plants) planet Earth.

This EMBO Workshop will focus on the development and dissemination of resources for a growing community of researchers interested in this topic. Although work related to Marchantia will be a major topic, this EMBO Workshop will also include seminal studies in orphan groups of land plants ancestors such a charales and other bryophytes including the well established model Physcomitrella and emerging model such as hornworts.

The EMBO Workshop will cover broad aspects including Phylogeny, Genomics, Development, and Epigenetics.

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7th Mar 2016 @ 12:00 am
24th Jun 2016 @ 12:00 am
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