Chemical synthesis and analysis

The Molecular Technologies facility provides access to expertise and modern technologies for the generation and expansion of small compound libraries, the development of analogue series, and the identification, characterisation and quantification of specific compounds and natural extracts through its broad range of analytical expertise.


    • State-of-the-art technologies for chemical synthesis (Chemspeed robotic and microwave synthesis platforms)
    • Semi-preparatory and preparatory chromatography (including TLC, HPLC, CCC)
    • Associated detection methods (UV/VIS, fluorescence, MS)
    • NMR technologies and in-silico platforms for the identification of molecules and the elucidation of their 3D structure.

The facilities capabilities include:

Chemical library management:

  • Compound management and hosting
  • Miniaturization
  • Natural and synthetic collections
  • Library generation based on specific chemotypes

For small and natural compounds:

    • Identification and isolation from complex matrices
    • Natural and simplified ADME model
    • Chemical modifications
    • Bioactivation/inactivation models
    • In-silico modelling and design

Analysis of small and large molecules:

    • Biomarker ID and quantification in products (QC)
    • Biomarker ID and quantification in complex matrices (PK, Clinical studies)
    • Characterisation and quantification of specific analytes
    • Purity determination
    • Method development and validation

Library and compound synthesis
Dr Edwin MMutlane
Molecular Technologies
CSIR Biosciences
Tel: 012 841 4282

Compound analysis
Dr Paul Steenkamp
Molecular Technologies
CSIR Biosciences
Tel: 012 841 3260

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